Terry S. Friedmann, M.D., M.D.(H), A.B.I.H.M

Dr_FriedmannRecognized as one of the top 25 experts in holistic medicine, Dr. Terry Friedmann has spent decades transforming our understanding of health and healing.

In 1975 he saw the futility of pill-popping and “patching patients up”, and began his quest for an alternative way to practice medicine. His research uncovered startling discoveries for natural cures for disease for which modern medicine has no answers. Rather than using medicine to mask the symptoms Dr. Friedmann believes in seeking the cause and using a total mind, body, spirit approach to healing.

As a board certified medical doctor, M.D., also with a degree in homeopathy, M.D.,(H), Dr. Friedmann’s research has led to startling discoveries in the use of pure essential oils to treat ADHD, Autism, Hormone Replacement Therapy, Fibromyalgia, and Parasitology.

“Too many people today are getting Band-Aid treatments. At one time, the doctor responded to the patient, by taking time to talk. Today, doctors rely too much on modern technology and have lost touch with the real art of medicine. Instead of relying unquestionably on doctors to fix what’s broken, people need to take charge of their own health. As a medical doctor, I have seen the importance of spirituality in healing. Without body, mind, and spirit, you do not see the whole picture. Only a total approach leads to permanent, lasting healing.”

In 1978 he became a founding member of the American Holistic Medical Association and for 14 years served on its board of directors with advisory committee members such as Andrew Weil and Deepak Chopra. In his role as a board member for the A.H.M.A. Dr. Friedmann trained many doctors and patients on his approach to wellness through alternative medicine and holistic healing. He is a member of the American Medical Association and the American College for Advancement of Medicine. Formerly, he served on the board of the Arizona Homeopathic Medical Association. In 2003, he was recognized with a certificate in holistic medicine.

Dr. Friedmann is a sought after speaker who conducts many programs, workshops, and training in order to share his views on mind, body, spirit medicine. He is the author of several popular books, programs, and countless articles on health and wellness including Freedom through Health, The Medical Miracle of Essential Oils, and The Man Who Walked with Jesus. Dr. Friedmann has recently completed writing a much anticipated book on the importance of drinking glacier waters to promote enhanced energy, health and vitality. Dr. Friedmann’s expert advice has been featured on radio and television shows across the country.

Born and raised in Illinois, Dr. Friedmann worshipped in the same church that Abraham Lincoln attended. While his father urged him to become an engineer, Dr. Friedmann drew great inspiration from his mother who served as a volunteer for the hospital. She dedicated over 4000 hours at the local hospital in service to her community providing much needed assistance to patients and staff. After realizing the impact of the caring efforts his mother made, Dr. Friedmann made the decision to leave engineering school and pursue the study medicine and bring healing to our world.

Dr Friedmann spends time with his spiritual pursuits such as meditating and praying as he enjoys the natural beauty of Sedona and the mountains by his Arizona home.

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