Ascension of the new earth and man kind events of the year 2012 and beyond

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Ascending-smOn December 21st, 2012, we will see some major changes occurring in our world. There are multiple changes, that being earth changes, which are both natural, as well as changes which may be caused by other events such as plaques, terrorism, climatic events in our lives, chaotic situations, worldwide events that create a change in our surroundings. There has been an increase in solar activity recently which causes outer changes to the earth. Over the last several years there has been an increase in solar flares striking the earth. This may cause an interruption in the function of electronic equipment as well as a shutdown of the electrical grid. Furthermore there has been an increased frequency of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions throughout the world. In addition we have other earth changes including tsunamis, a rise in the levels of oceans and consequently a general flooding as a result of these events. One particular disturbing event has been a worldwide climatic change, in that air and water temperatures have both risen worldwide, thereby breaking records and drastically changing our environment. We have also seen an increase in the number of worldwide human plaques in addition to a spread of planetary terrorism events.

Along with the outer changes there are also inner or internal changes. On May 20th, 2012, we witnessed a very unusual solar event. Our moon was situated in a direct line between the earth and our sun. This phenomenon resulted in a complete solar eclipse which created “a ring of fire” around the moon. Another event was also observed by the inhabitants of earth. Venus was seen transiting across the sun. This occurrence affected many people especially those who had much Venus energy in their astrological chart. These two events significantly affected the exposed population. This has resulted in the absorption of positive energy into mankind. This energy eventually integrates into the body, forming a very powerful transformational instrument.

Terry S. Friedmann, M.D., Is a physician who has integrated his intuitive inspirational gifts into his medical practices. He treats the three human elements, body, mind and spirit, as one, having many times attained what conventional medicine finds difficult: complete healing of individual. He was an integral part of the formation of the First World Congress of Science and Religion, held in Rome, Italy and served as a board member and presenter of the Second Congress two years later. Dr. Friedmann has acted as an elder of the Presbyterian Church and has maintained a lifelong commitment to serving spiritual truth.Presently he is the author of three other books. He currently writes and lectures on health, spirituality and higher consciousness.

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Ascension of the new earth and man kind events of the year 2012 and beyond
Author Terry Shepherd Friedmann, M.D., A.B.I.H.M.

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