Freedom Through Health

TERRY SHEPHERD FRIEDMANN, M.D. You don't have to suffer from allergies, chronic fatigue, high blood pressure, arthritis, atherosclerosis, diabetes, parasites, yeast infection, or AIDS.

Book Description
Freedom Through Health represents some of the latest concepts of holistic medicine: highly practical and cost-effective concepts, which include Dr. Friedmann's expertise with essential oils offering a new era of home health care in a more comprehensive, integrative approach to achieving optimal health.

About the Author
Frustrated with "patching up" people, in 1975 Dr. Friedmann began his quest for an alternative way to practice medicine. In 1978 he co-founded and for 14 years served on the board of directors of the American Holistic Medical Association. He is a diplomat of the American Board of Chelation Therapy, and formerly served as medical director of the Phoenix Health and Medical Center.

Dr. Friedmann specialized in treating atherosclerosis, allergies, arthritis, multiple sclerosis (MS), candidiasis, immune dysfunction syndrome, diabetes, parasites, and other degenerative diseases. He applied ten basic therapies: aromatherapy, chelation, orthomolecular, homeopathy, energy medicine, hypnotherapy, psychoneuroimmunology, nutrition, massage, and counseling. Dr. Friedmann retired from his practice in 1997, and he now writes and lectures throughout the world.

From the Publisher
Completely revised and updated from the 1993 edition, this book brings readers the latest concepts of holistic medicine. Dr. Friedmann describes his extensive study of the application of pure essential oils and the science of aromatherapy in healing the body, mind, and spirit. He introduces the rapidly growing medical specialty of anti-aging. Physicians have made tremendous progress through the use of newly discovered nutrients as well as specific hormones. Finally, the medical profession faces a significant challenge from the virulent diseases occurring throughout the planet and the increasing number of people with immune system dysfunction. Dr. Friedmann includes a completely revised chapter addressing these issues and the natural methods he has developed for their treatment.

Gary Gordon, M.D.
It gives me great pleasure to endorse the highly practical concepts so well explained in Freedom Through Health. Its practical advice can benefit almost everyone today. Dr. Friedmann's expertise with essential oils opens a new era of cost effective home health care, as he uses a more comprehensive, integrative approach to achieving optimal health. He also provides a good, basic foundation for the exciting developments in controlling human aging that will soon become widely available to everyone.

Ted L. Edwards Jr., M.D., Author
Dr. Friedmann writes with authority gained from years of a successful practice in alternative and contemporary medicine. His research has uncovered cures for problems for which conventional medicine has no cure except sometimes dangerous interventions. Freedom Through Health is our opportunity to profit from his expertise by taking responsibility for our own health! Easy reading… great information!

Gladys Taylor McGarey, M.D., M.D.(H)
By using Dr. Friedmann's program of 5R's for the immune system, we would be healthier, happier human beings.

Harvest Publishing
Soft Cover - ISBN 0-9638366-8-4 - 279 Pages

Freedom Through Health - Book
Author Terry Shepherd Friedmann,
M.D., A.B.H.M.
$17.95 + $4 S&H

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