Alternatives for Hormone Replacement Therapy, HRT, for Women

Today, there is confusion among women regarding HRT because the public is receiving conflicting and sometimes even the opposite and potentially dangerous information on hormone replacement therapy, which could even cause cancer and, worse yet, death if they make the wrong decisions. Physicians and the media are frightening women because they feel disempowered. It appears that the professionals that are supposed to have the answers, in many cases, actually do not.

We realize that much of the information about the hormonal replacement drugs are distributed by the major pharmaceutical companies who have large financial investments in marketing these products.

Patients should be aware of the dangers of synthetic hormones, which are largely made from the urine of pregnant mares, thereby creating the name of one popular drug Premarin™. There are safe and effective natural alternatives to the commercial drugs, which protect the women's body, instead of harming it.

What is the answer? Use bioidenticals, which are similar if not identical to the woman's own naturally secreted hormone.

Article by Dr. Terry S. Friedmann. - Terry S. Friedmann, M.D., M.D.(H), A.B.H.M. is an internationally acclaimed author, speaker, and practitioner. For over 30 years, he has helped people, like you discover how essential oils help you attain and maintain wellness of body, mind and spirit. A pioneer in holistic medicine, Dr. Friedmann discovered cures for problems for which conventional medicine has no answers. He is the author of several books on natural medicine and a pioneer in the area of essential oils for wellness. Get the latest information on natural Hormone Replacement Therapy by visiting

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